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1954 – Chase & Sanborn Coffee

Real Coffee in a Jar

Today is September 1. Time for a new theme. We’re going full-on fifties this month as we explore mid-century kitsch. This word is often associated with the fifties. It represents items and images that are more corny than classy. That is why I enjoy preserving content from mid-century women’s magazine. There is plenty of kitsch there. We’ll have a little fun from a world where they didn’t take things too seriously.

First up is this ad from Chase & Sanborn coffee. We’re talking instant coffee here. Just add a scoop to hot water, and you have yourself a hot beverage.

Chase & Sanborn Instant Coffee Jar

Always on the lookout for an instant coffee with that real old-fashioned coffee taste? Well, your hunt is over.

Chase & Sanborn instant coffee ad – Better Living August 1954
Winking coffee drinker on

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