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1952 – Edwards Coffee

Enjoy a cup of steamy coffee for pennies less.

We’re on our 2nd day of celebrating kitschy images from the fifties. Here’s a smiling housewife appearing on our screen from a 70 year old ad for Edwards coffee.

Always on the lookout for an instant coffee with that real old-fashioned coffee taste? Well, your hunt is over.

Edwards coffee ad – Family Circle February 1952

The coffee came in a vacuum-packed can for the regular grind or a jar for the instant kind.

Edwards coffee can – Family Circle February 1952

Here’s a photo of a vintage can that someone kept through the years. The image comes from Etsy and is sold by Terminal37Antiques.

Vintage Edwards Coffee Can

Note the Safeway logo on the bottom of the can. The brand was sold exclusively at Safeway and was very popular in the mid-century and beyond.

Stay tuned for more more classic fifties ads for grocery items throughout the month of September.

Smiling Coffee Drinker on

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Safeway and Edwards Coffee Story

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  1. I remember the vacuum-packed can. My folks got their coffee like that.

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