1953 – Johnson’s Wax

Mid-century advertising from Johnsons Wax.

Today’s Great American Brands posting is for Johnson’s Wax. This family owned company began in 1886 and has continued to be a privately-held family business ever since. The brand SC Johnson includes a variety of products for the household such as Windex and Ziplock. Today we’ll gloss over mid-century advertising for a few of its products made to shine.

Johnson’s Wax Products Ad – Woman’s Day October 1953

This ad from the October 1953 edition of Woman’s Day outlines how to keep a kitchen shiny from floor to ceiling. This classic mid-century ad shows a pink vintage kitchen and an illustration of a housewife doing what else? Cleaning.

Here’s Cleaning Magic in a Bottle

Here’s another example of a Johnson’s Wax ad published early in the decade. What’s the secret for beautiful wood floors? Use Johnson’s Paste Wax.

Mid-century advice for wood floors – Johnson’s Wax – McCalls September 1951

The ad continues to give advice. Got more questions? Just write Margaret Scott of the consumer service department. Simply address your letter to Johnson’s Wax -Racine, Wisconsin.

Johnsons Wax ad – McCalls September 1951

Later in the decade, the advertising changed to full color. Here are a few ads showing shiny floors, pretty dogs, and their Beautiflor product.

Shiny Parquet Floor – Good Housekeeping April 1959
Shiny Wood Floor – Good Housekeeping October 1958
Shiny Vinyl Floor – Good Housekeeping Nov 1958

Note the use of their logo which wasn’t consistent in their earlier ads.

Johnson’s Wax logo from a 1958 ad

Besides dogs, they also showed off shiny floors with a fifties dance party.

Woman’s Day December 1956

The SC Johnson product sold today is their paste wax. This image is from an Amazon listing showing an average of 4.6 star reviews and a whopping price of 27.96.

2022 – SC Johnson Paste Wax container

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