1954 – The mid-century kiss off

No lipstick on the collar for this couple

Lipstick Embrace – Today’s Woman April 1954 – Cutex Stay-off Lipstick Ad

You likely already guessed that the subject for this ad is lipstick. The ad appeared in the April 1954 issue of Today’s Woman magazine and it was telling the readers about Cutex’s new Stay-Off lipstick. It promised to eliminate the Kiss Off.

Won’t Kiss Off–Won’t Fade Off–Won’t Smear Off!

No more worry about Lipstick on the collar.

Cutex Stay Fast Lipstick Ad – 59 cents plus tax – From Today’s Woman April 1954

It is always nice for us 21st century folks to see the price of things from the mid 20th century. The price was a mere 59 cents. It also sold for 29 cents (note the small print). To be honest, I can’t think of anything that costs only 29 cents in our world (or 59 cents for that matter). Can you?

It’s the best . . . Yet costs Less

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