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1963 The Dandiest Dads

Makin' Pancakes with Pop

1963 Aunt Jemima Pancake Ad showing a smiling father making pancakes while hugging young daughter

Here is another sweet full color food ad from Good Housekeeping. This one is for Aunt Jemima Pancakes. It appeared in the January 1963 edition. Yesterday’s post showed a breakfast with mother and daughters. This one shows a morning shared with father and daughter. It is a fitting tribute to dads on this Fathers Day. It is also a tribute to my own dad who we lost last year due to Alzheimer’s disease. He was a big fan of breakfast and I enjoyed sharing morning hours with him, especially in his final days.

As for Aunt Jemima . . . the outdated name will be changed to Pearl Milling Company later this year.

The Dandiest Dads – Aunt Jemima ad from 1963

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