1956 – Charm Magazine

Vacation time for mid-century working women

This blog is all about women’s magazines from the mid-century and this blog post is about my favorite mid-century magazine titled Charm.

Charm Magazine – The Magazine for Women who Work

The theme of Charm’s May 1956 issue was “Two Weeks with Pay”. It outlined a variety of places to vacation, how to get there, and what to wear along the way.

Charm Magazine May 1956 Issue

Here’s a peek at the table of contents.

Charm Magazine May 1956 Table of Contents

And here’s a peek at content from their article titled, “The Look of a Good Traveler”.

Tailored for Travel in a wonderfully wiltless fabric; a double-breasted beige jacket fitted over a sleeveless black sheath.

The Look of a Good Traveler – Charm May 1956

Here’s a few of my favorite summer-themed postings from this magazine.

Fabulous summer looks on

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