1959 – Illustration by Fredric Varady

Short story titled Scar of Love by MacDonald Harris

Frederic Varady Illustration – Cosmo February 1959

This illustration by Frederic Varady was published in the February 1959 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. It accompanied a 6 page short story by MacDonald Harris titled Scar of Love. The talents of both the author and illustrator are obvious in this piece. Here’s a bit of the text.

It is easy for anyone who works in the sun to become tanned, but Elizabeth’s coloring was something else: The Expensive Tan, the kind that is achieved only through long patience and infinite attention to detail.

Readers were treated to a 2nd illustration which helped to further tell the story.

Frederic Varady Illustration – Cosmo February 1959

Frederic Varady was a busy illustrator who did a variety of work for magazines. Here is another example of his artwork on

Illustration by Frederic Varaday – Today’s Woman May 1953

Note. The spelling of his name in this publication is Frederic.

However the spelling changes in 1959 in the Cosmo publication.

According to Wikipedia, the name MacDonald Harris was an alias used by Donald Heiney for his works of fiction.

The short story is available for download below.

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