1952 – Illustration by Fredric Varady

For the short story "The Gift That Can't be Wrapped"

I do hope Mr Varaday doesn’t mind that I removed a bit of the background in his 1952 short story illustration that appeared in the December 1952 edition of Today’s Woman magazine. It is the 3rd Christmas-themed illustration from this edition that I have featured this month, and it is my favorite.

Illustration by Fredric Varady – Today’s Woman December 1952 – The Gift that Couldn’t be Wrapped by Frances Whiting

The short story titled “The Gift that Couldn’t be Wrapped” was written by Frances Whiting and illustrated by Fredric Varady . It showed off the talent and ambition of the artist in this 70 year old illustration that is filled with wonderful details.

Here are some more illustrations from Fredric Varaday that are in my collection. This one was from the February 1959 edition of Cosmopolitan. Click through to read more about this illustration.

Here is another illustration from Cosmopolitan. It was one of 4 Fredric Varaday illustrations for a short story titled “Come Along Quietly” by Willard Temple. Stay tuned for a post in the future that features this short story and all of its illustrations.

Fredric Varaday – Cosmo May 1955

Here are two more. This one comes from the February 1952 edition of Redbook.

Frederic Varady Illustration – Redbook February 1952

And this one is from 1953.

Today’s Woman May 1953 Fredric Varaday Illustration

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