1958 – Take off on TWA

Travel back to 1958 with TWA

For those mid-century folks lucky enough to afford an airline flight, here’s an ad from TWA. This ad tells the mid-century story perfectly. The scene shows a friendly flight attendant, a girl in bobby socks, and a mom wearing gloves. Everyone is dressed to look their best. A TWA plane with stairs? How vintage is that?

That’s why more and more ladies are flying TWA coast to coast and overseas.

Traveling by plane did provide a bit of glamour for the mid-century. My family wasn’t one to spent money on travel, but we did get to experience air flight from a far. A favorite family activity was driving to the airport to watch planes take off and land. We would try to guess where they were going. Of course security restrictions were different then. Sometimes we could park close enough to the runway to feel the roar of the engines.

The ad provided some encouraging words to the new flyer and offered a way to send for more information.

TWA Ad – Good Housekeeping October 1958

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