1953 – Inventor Moms

Got a great idea? This article tell you how you can get it off the ground.

Shirley Swede and mother Ester Jaffe work on invention of house dress with built-in plastic apron.

The picture you see appeared in the January 1953 edition of Today’s woman magazine in an article titled, “Housewives Strike it Rich”. The article, written by Lester David, told the story of 4 moms who invented products for fellow mothers.

For these women household chores led to bright ideas–and cash. It could happen to you

The article explained that women have great ideas for how to make house and family chores easier and gave information about how to turn an idea into a business. No engineering experience was required, just a bit of determination.

Marion Donovan shows her diaper accessory invention to daughter

For example, Marion Donovan had the idea for a diaper cover. She developed a prototype, sold the concept to local stores, set up a small factory, and eventually sold her small company for a cool million.

The Ferrarras invented a closet organizer called the Veri-Neet Hanger

This woman came up with an idea for how to organize her closet. She went into business with her husband. So far they have sold over 5,000 veri-neat hangers.

Magda Tarleton invented a pre-made white sauce

Magda Tarlton was an efficient cook who often pre-made her own broths and sauces. She worked with a food chemist to build a business called Saucery to sell a pre-made white sauce.

If you whip up an invention that you believe is marketable, make certain you protect it right away.

The article gave suggestions about how to move forward with an idea or invention. For example, to protect the idea, write yourself a letter explaining the concept and sent it using registered mail. This documents the idea and provides an official date.

The article is available for download below.

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