1946 – Mom, Kids, and Ipana Toothpaste

A mid-century guide to healthy gums

Mid-century Mom and her 2 sons – Ipana Toothpaste Ad – Woman’s Home Companion May 1946

This month’s theme is motherhood. Here’s an ad from 1946 showing mid-century model and mother Genevieve Allen with her 2 smiling sons. The ad is for Ipana toothpaste.

Mother knows that today’s soft foods don’t give gums the exercise they need

Ipana Toothpaste Ad – Woman’s Home Companion May 1946

The ad comes from the earliest mid-century magazine in my collection of women’s magazines published in the baby boomer birth years of 1946 to 1964. Note that in those days, the magazine’s attention-getting cover was not a celebrity, but rather a sweet sleeping newborn.

Woman’s Home Companion – May 1946 – Cover and Table of Contents

It was common to see Ipana toothpaste ads in mid-century women’s magazines. Everyone needed toothpaste and Ipana had a good size of the market share in those days. The Bristol-Meyers brand was extinct in the US by the late 1970’s.

Here’s another Ipana ad showing a “model-mother” and her children. This one’s from 1949.

Ipana Toothpaste Ad – Good Housekeeping February 1949

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