1946 – Nurse Midwifery

Too few obstetricians? Midwives to the rescue.

Midwife shows newborn to siblings – Article about Midwives – Woman’s Home Companion May 1946

Here is an interesting article from the May 1946 edition of Woman’s Home Companion. It tells the story of a labor shortage at the beginning of the post-war baby boom. According to the article, there were 2,800,000 births a year in the US with only 2500 obstetricians.

The nation is 7500 short in the stork department. We have exactly one-fourth as many obstetricians as we need.

Babies at Home article – Woman’s Home Companion May 1946

The article explains that modern mid-wifery is the answer to the problem. Also known as a nurse obstetrician, the trained medical professional can deliver one’s baby at home.

Nurse obstetrician. A highly trained specialist with all of the science’s know-how.

Midwife talking to family – 1946

The process involves a meeting with the mid-wife early in the pregnancy. She will educate the mother-to-be on the child birth process and help to answer questions. When the baby is delivered, she will have the support of a hospital or medical center if a problem occurs.

She always works in conjunction with a hospital or a health center where an obstetrician is at her beck and call for problem cases.

The article gives credit to Hazel Corbin and her maternity center association which started the first school for nurse-midwifery in 1939.

The article, written by Howard Whitman is available for download below.

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