1963 -Turban Style Hair Dryer

A mid-century hair appliance from Sunbeam.

Lady Sunbeam Hair Dryer – Good Housekeeping April 1963

Let’s file this one under extinct. It joins pointy bras, girdles, white gloves and tiny waistlines as artifacts from the past. Like it or not, these mid-century female necessities are buried in a time capsule never to return. The woman you see is wearing a portable hair dryer. It hooks on the back to a tube that sends warm air to the head from an appliance made to dry hair. The product for this ad is called the Lady Sunbeam. It is styled with a flower and feminine colors because you wouldn’t want to look ridiculous wearing it.

Keeps you feminine and appealing while you’re wearing it

Sunbeam Ad – Lady Sunbeam Hair Dryer – Good Housekeeping April 1963

Here’s the process.

  • Shampoo your hair
  • Set your hair with curlers
  • Sit under the Lady Sunbeam Hair Dryer until hair is dry
  • Remove the curlers
  • Comb out
  • Admire your mid-century hairdo

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1 comment on “1963 -Turban Style Hair Dryer

  1. I had a hair dryer just like this. So thankful those days are gone! 🙂

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