1954 – Sweaters to Knit (part 1)

Stay warm in a DIY mid-century argyle

The fashion section of the May 1954 edition of Good Housekeeping had a multi-page article titled, “100 Ways to Make the Little things You’ll Need This Summer”.

Here are 36 pages of things to make for yourself, for the children, for the house.

Several of the pages were devoted to sweaters.

The sweater is sweeping the country. It’s appearing on the boulevard as well as the golf course, with tailored suits as well as slacks, on smart young grandmothers as well as smart young four-year-olds.
So why not knit yourself a whole wardrobe of sweaters?

Knit a sweater article – Good Housekeeping May 1954

Readers who wished to make the items shown would put a dime in an envelope addressed to Good Housekeeping’s Bulletin’s services. Good Housekeeping would then send full instructions to the reader.

The argyle sweater shown above is described as “easy to make that even a beginner can manage”.

Here are a few more.

Good Housekeeping described the look below as a “Seed stitched spencer to wear with your bouffant skirts. Embroider in black, add jet buttons”.

Boat necked evening sweater trimmed with satin ball fringe. .- Good Housekeeping May 1954
Jacket sweater in white, knit in a moss stitch. – Good Housekeeping May 1954
French sweater with collared scooped neckline – plain stockinet stitch. – Good Housekeeping May 1954
Black and White sweaters to make – Good Housekeeping May 1954

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