1956 – Smartee Cotton Sweaters

More sweaters from 1956. These are cotton.

We continue our hunt for mid-century sweaters with this ad for Smartee cotton sweaters. The ad appeared in the March 1956 edition of Glamour magazine. Note the similar styling that we have seen with other looks from the mid fifties. The cardigans are worn buttoned up with silk scarves, bracelets, red nail polish, and pencil skirts.

the applause . . . the awards go to cotton jerseys by Smartee

Smartee cotton sweater ad – Glamour March 1956

The sweaters sold for under six dollars and were available at fine stores throughout the US. The potential buyer was even given an order form. Note the payment choices: Check, Money Order, or C.O.D. (paying by credit card was not an option).

Smartee Sweater order form – Glamour March 1956
Department Store List – Smartee Sweater Ad – Glamour March 1956
Tennis Sweater by Smartee – Glamour March 1956

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