1954 – Sweaters to Knit (part 2)

More mid-century DIY sweater inspiration

We looked at the DIY fashion section of the May 1954 edition of Good Housekeeping yesterday where readers were shown fashion sweaters to knit. Here are a 4 more DIY sweater fashions from that issue. Readers were encouraged to send the magazine 10 cents to request instructions for the fashions.

Each instruction sheet costs 10 cents. Order from Good Housekeeping Bulletin Services, 57th St at 8th Ave. New York 19, N.Y..

The pretty look above was hand knitted. It was described as “A dress for a dozen festive occasions this summer made of Spinnerin Dressy Yarn”.

The dog on a leash theme continued with these dressy sweater looks that were all hand-knit. Here’s how the one on the left was described.

A slim sheath and straight-hanging jacket both knit in a simple stockinet stitch that even a beginner can handle. We made ours of Pingouin Nageur. Sizes 12-20.

Knowing that instructions were provided for specific sizes (12-20), and that one could obtain instructions for a mere 10 cents, it seems logistically difficult to manage the mail order fulfillment process. Yet, writing for instructions or listings was quite common for Good Housekeeping and its competitors. Mid-century women loved their magazines and writing for patterns was a common practice.

Custom Knit Looks – Good Housekeeping May 1954

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