1956 – Shawl-Collared Cardigan by Glengarry

Patterned Jacquard sweater for mid-century style and warmth

Today’s sweater look comes from the pages of the March 1956 edition of Mademoiselle magazine. The stylish model is wearing a patterned jacquard sweater with contrasting shawl collar, cuffs and button band. The cardigan comes from Glengarry designs and sold for $11. They describe the colors as brown, gold and toast. It also came in grey and blue combinations.

Most of the v-neck sweaters we’ve looked at from the mid-century were worn with a solid or patterned silk scarf around the neck for extra softness and warmth. This one is too is worn with a scarf. Gold button earrings, gold chain bracelet, and pleated skirt complete the look.

Orlon Ad for Glengarry sweater – Mademoiselle October 1956

The ad was sponsored by DuPont, the maker of Orlon. Orlon was a polyester fiber which was use to make knitwear. They were responsible for most of the arcylic and nylon garments made in the mid-century and beyond. Chemstrand also made a fiber named Acrilan. Yesterday’s post featured a sweater made with Acrilan.

Everything old is new again. It isn’t hard to find a modern version of this look everywhere. Here’s a glimpse of today’s sweater and pleated skirt look. Fabulous.

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