1951 – Illustration by Stan Klimley

For short story titled "Yes, there is an Easter Bunny"

The December 1951 edition of McCalls magazine published a short story titled, “Yes, there is an Easter Bunny” by Nancy Bartlett Laughlin. You might think that a picture showing Santa was the wrong illustration for this piece, but you would be wrong. The sweet scene of the Big Guy and a family in PJs was illustrated by talented mid-century artist Stan Klimley.

Do you believe in Christmas trees, in mistletoe, in Santa Claus? If the answer is “No”, this might be your story

Stan Klimley was a busy illustrator that contributed to magazines like McCalls and Good Housekeeping frequently. It was not difficult to find more Stan Klimley illustrations in my collection of mid-century women’s magazines. Here’s what I found spanning 9 years from 1949 to 1958.

Stan Klimley Illustration – McCalls February 1949
Stan Klimley Illustration – McCalls July 1949
Stan Klimley Illustration – Today’s Woman August 1951
Stan Klimley Illustration – Good Housekeeping August 1952
Stan Klimley Illustration – Good Housekeeping November 1958

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