1956 – Illustration by Mike Ludlow

Downloadable Christmas Story Included

This illustration of a young boy holding a Christmas present comes from the December 1956 edition of Woman’s Day magazine. It accompanied a story titled Mary Halbert’s Twenty-Third Child By Charles Carver. I have included a download for this sweet short story about a boy in an orphanage at Christmas. Scroll below. But first, I let’s talk about the illustration and the illustrator Mike Ludlow.

Illustration by Mike Ludlow – Woman’s Day December 1956 – Mary Halbert’s Twenty-Third Child By Charles Carver

This simple Mike Ludlow illustration has very few colors because it was printed on pulp paper instead of the typical glossy type. I’m guessing this was a quick assignment for Lundlow who was known for his pin-up style of illustration. I quite like the simplicity of both the story and the illustration. I hope you will too. Charles Carver’s short story is available for download below.

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