1964 – Tupperware

Mid-century advertising from Tupperware.

The final company on our Great American Brands list is Tupperware. Tupperware is the only company on the list that actually began in the mid-century. The product was developed in 1946, and Tupperware Parties Inc. was formed in 1951.

Their direct marketing approach allowed women to interrupt normal house tending routines to participate in business. Women could sign up to sell Tupperware by giving Tupperware parties where they earned income. This innovative idea was made possible thanks to a woman named Brownie Wise who established Tupperware Parties Inc.

By the time this ad appeared in the September 1964 edition of Ladies Home Journal, Tupperware was a household name. Most everyone knew of Tupperware and their lidded containers. If the person seeing the ad wanted to buy a set of Tupperware, she would have to attend a Tupperware party.

How fresh, how flavorsome everything stays in fine plastic containers by Tupperware! How differently, delightfully they’re sold! At home parties. Where you can see Tupperware’s exclusive features demonstrated before you buy.

Tupperware Ad – Ladies Home Journal September 1964

I recall my mom hosting a Tupperware party in the seventies. As a party host, she was asked to invite friends and neighbors to her home on a specific date a time. The Tupperware rep would then present the items, have a drawing for free prizes, eat some refreshments, and take orders. The ordered merchandise was then delivered to my mom who then delivered the items to party participants. Her reward was free Tupperware.

Tupperware from 1964

Now that we can acquire almost anything online, the Tupperware party approach seems like a lot of bother. In today’s world, if you want a set of these wonderful containers, you just go on Tupperware.com and buy them. On the other hand, according to their website, they still do offer direct marketing through parties.

Tupperware.com Vintage Collection 2022 – $62

Five years earlier, this 1/2 page black and white ad appeared in Good Housekeeping.

Yes with Tupperware . . . Good Housekeeping May 1959

It showed Tupperware containers that could be used in the freezer.

Tupperware containers from 19 ounces to 5 1/2 quarts – Good Housekeeping May 1959

As was the custom in many mid-century magazine ads, the reader could send away for more information. Here, she can also inquire about becoming a Tupperware dealer.

Tupperware booklet request form – Good Housekeeping May 1959

I love this ad from the November 1959 edition of Cosmopolitan.

Make Christmas Shopping a Party, a Tupperware party . . . in your home!

Tupperware post office ad – Cosmopolitan November 1959

Here’s another great Tupperware ad with a clever way to show how tightly Tupperware containers seal.

Woman’s Day June 1961

More Information about Brownie Wise

The story behind Tupperware and innovator Brownie Wise is fascinating to us in the 21st century. Her genius has been documented in various ways. Here are 2 YouTube short videos I found, and a reference to her Wikipedia page.


YouTube Brownie Wise Short by Leslie Goddard
YouTube short movie telling the story of Brownie Wise

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