1963 – A Phone from Santa

All I want for Christmas is a new phone

If you are gonna ask Santa for a phone this Christmas, you better be specific. You wouldn’t want him to grab from this bag of phones from 1963. These bad boys were all the rage in the mid-century when Bell Telephone did double duty. They provided both phone service and the phones themselves. Officially, these dial phones were called rotary phones. There was the princess phone, the desk phone, and the wall phone. They came in a variety of colors. If you had a pink princess phone in your bedroom, you were lucky indeed. If you had one with a special ring tone, you were just plain spoiled.

When ordering Christmas extensions, why not include the Bell Chime ringer that announces your calls with musical tones? ,

The Pick of Santa’s Pack – Bell Telephone System Ad – McCalls December 1963

More Bell Telephone Ads on MidCenturyPage.com

Santa’s Pack of Phones – Bell Telephone Ad December 1963 McCalls Magazine – Vintage Christmas on MidCenturyPage.com

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