1964 – Christmas and Yellow Pages

Mid-century Santa's Little Helper

How old is Santa? Older than this old timey rotary phone from Bell Telephone (AKA AT&T). This white dial phone with a Santa hat appeared in an ad for Bell Telephone Yellow Pages from the December 1964 edition of Ladies Home Journal.

Why not get the little shopping chores done by telephone this season.
Use your Yellow Pages to locate those last-minute gift ideas and to call about special holiday story hours.

Bell Telephone Ad – Ladies Home Journal – December 1964 – Santa’s Helper

Yellow Pages was the brand name for a printed directory that would come to every household. Also called the phone book, this valuable item would list every phone number in your community. The part of the phone book that had commercial listings was printed on yellow paper and thus called the Yellow Pages. Yellow pages were organized by topic while household listings were organized alphabetically. If you were a business that wanted to promote your business, you would pay extra for a larger listing in the Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages and phone books were necessities for every household until recently when smart phones became mainstream. No need to get out an ancient artifact to look up a phone number when you can get the info you need on your phone in seconds.

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