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1956 – Phones at the Table

Time to put your phone away dad.

Many of us living in the 2020’s have a rule. No phones at the table. Family meals are meant to be a time where the phone should be put away while you enjoy a face-to-face conversation with your family. But this was not the case for this mid-century family sitting down together for an oatmeal breakfast. The phone hangs on a wall with a long cord. It stretches all the way to dad.

Yes kids. We did have electricity in the day and we even had phones. The next time you are told to put your phone away, show your parents this ad from the December 1956 edition of Woman’s Day magazine.

Bell Telephone Ad – Family breakfast and wall phone – Woman’s Day December 1956

Here’s what Bell Telephone (AKA AT&T) had to say about the subject.

That’s why we have telephones in the kitchen, the den, the master bedroom, and our son’s room. It would be hard to manage without them.

More Bell Telephone Ads

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