1953 – Pop and Tots

Family fun for Chex cereal

Chex cereal had a cute mid-century ad campaign showing kids doing chores with dad. The one above appeared in the October 1953 edition of Woman’s day. The one below was from Better Living August 1954.

The breakfast cereal market had stiff competition in the mid-century baby boom birth era. The ad talked-up its nutritional goodness.

No other cereal, flaked or puffed, gives you so much honest-to-goodness nourishment in such concentrated bite size form.

Wheat Chex and Rice Chex Boxes – Woman’s Day October 1953

Chex was made by Ralston Purina at the time the ads were published. Note the checkerboard pattern on the box. The checkerboard was part of the Ralston Purina logo. The checkerboard was symbolic for 4 virtues important to founder William Danforth. He believed that one should balance Physical, Mental, Social, and Religious in every day life.

Chex cereal ads – Better Living August 1954 & Women’s Day October 1953

Today, the product is made by General Mills.

Chex cereal – 2022

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