1959 – The Night I Found My Son

Mid-century at midnight

Mid-century magazines would accept articles written by both professional and non professional authors. On occasion, they would publish articles written by parents who wrote about their experiences. This article by By Harold Y Roderick tells about the night he got a phone call telling him that his teenage son was in a serious car accident.

“There’s been an accident, Mr Roderick. Jim is hurt, but I think the other kids are all right. your car turned over.”

The Night I found my Son by Harold Y Roderick – Good Housekeeping July 1959

The article tells about the all-important relationship between a father and son. It also gives us a glimpse of the different way in which emergency care was handled in the days before 911. The article is available for download below.

Here a look at some of the other articles published in the Good Housekeeping July 1959 issue.

Table of Contents – Good Housekeeping July 1959

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