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1954 – Rocky Marciano

Mid-century muscle for Timex

If you’re a fellow baby boomer, you might not know that the image you see is mid-century boxer Rocky Marciano. However, you likely do know why he wearing a watch. Recall the famous tagline for Timex watches.

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

The image comes from a Timex ad which appeared in the June 1954 edition of Coronet magazine. The ad told potential buyers about the durable waterproof watches named the Marlin and the Sportser. Rocky is wearing the Marlin.

Timex Watches – Sportster and Marlin – Coronet June 1954

Still running, and right on time. It’s true the Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking – a real champion Marlin style or Sportster style $11.95

The watches sold in 1954 for $11.95. You can still buy a Marlin from Timex, but it will cost you a bit more.

Marlin Watch from Timex.com – $249.00

Note the small print at the bottom of the ad.

Product of the World’s Largest Manufacturer or Wrist Watches, 500 Fifth Avenue, New York 36, 355 King Street West, Toronto

Mid-century ads usually provided an address of some kind at the bottom of the ad. They were generally not street addresses, but archaic PO boxes of some sort. Since this ad gave a street address for both its US and Canada offices, let’s take a look at the locations in present day. 500 Fifth Avenue is a 60 story office building in midtown NYC. The Toronto location is occupied by condos.

Timex Address Location in New York and Toronto

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