1951 – White Stag Jacravat Men’s Jacket

Introducing the mid-century man

Today is November 1, 2022 and a return to my daily goal to share and preserve pages from mid-century women’s magazines. The theme this month is mid-century men.

First up is this ad from the June 1951 edition of Today’s Woman magazine for White Stag.

We see a man, a woman, and a paisley ascot. Thankfully ascots are a thing of the past, but the classic zippered jacket can still be found in the closets of modern males.

Ads for menswear were rarely found in magazines that catered to women. This June ad is prompting the lady of the house to buy her man a jacket for Father’s Day.

A jacket he’ll wear for dressing up or roughin’ it.

White Stag Jacravat for Father’s Day – Today’s Woman June 1951

The price of this water-repellent gaberdine jacket as a mere $16.95 in 1951. Today, a similar jacket costs around $60.

2022 – Zippered Mens Jacket on Amazon

White Stag was a quality name brand in the mid-century. The Portland, Oregon company supplied water-repellent camping gear and clothing to loggers in the Pacific Northwest early in the century. Their sportswear brand flourished in the mid-century. The brand was eventually sold to Walmart in 2003.

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