1959 – The Mid-Century Mattress

It's moving day in 1959

The scene you see is from a 1959 Simmons Beautyrest ad. It is a treat to our nostalgic 21st century eyes. Not only do we see a pair of striped tufted beds, we also see a dozen mid-century artifacts that help tell the story of life back then. The advertisers thought to include art, books, electronics, furniture, and a great set of luggage. Of course it is the catnapping man that gives life to this unpacked bedroom.

The ad appeared in the August 1959 edition of Ladies Home Journal. Here we see a bit more about the mattress.

Beautyrest Mattress Illustration – Ladies Home Journal August 1959

According to the text, the price of the advertised mattress is $79.50. In 2022, a Simmons Beautyrest retails for $850. However, if you act fast, you can pick one up for $299 at the JCP Black Friday sale.

2022 JCPenney Beautyrest Mattress
Beauty Rest Moving Ad – Ladies Home Journal August 1959

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