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1952 – Senior Coke

A bottle of Coke goes perfectly with pearls.

This pretty grandma wearing pearls and a floral print dress is a refreshing change from soda advertising using young people to sell their product. The image reminds me of the times I would take my aging parents to McDonalds to get a senior coke. McDonalds offered senior citizens a small drink for fifty cents at the time. My dad was in his nineties and down to 90 pounds. Any calories were beneficial. They would each get a senior Coke, and split an Egg McMuffin and hash browns. Those memories are precious.

The two would have been young adults when this ad was published in the August 1952 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine.

Serve Coke ice cold, right in the bottle. You like it that way and so will your friends.

Senior woman illustration for Coca Cola – Good Housekeeping August 1952

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