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1954 – Super Coola

A super cool name for a soda

Nothing to worry about here. Keep cool, sit back and enjoy a can of Super Coola.

This ad for a little known soda brand from the mid-century was published in the August 1954 edition of Better Living magazine. The brand was known for its innovative packaging in a day where soda was commonly sold in bottles.

Super Coola Pop Top Can from 1954 Ad

The brand from the parent company Cantrell & Cochrane Corporation came up with a can to hold their carbonated beverage. The concept was convenient. Used glass soda and beer bottles were to be returned to the store. This was a hassle for both the store and consumer. A can was different. No deposit, no return.

Now your favorite drinks in cap-top cans – no deposit no return!

Apparently a few of these cans survived. I found this old posting on eBay.

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