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1948 – Jack Benny Snack Recipe

Have a cracker with RC Cola

Here’s a celebrity endorsement for RC Cola from a time before TV was mainstream. The celebrity was popular comedian Jack Benny who came to the American living room on NBC from the radio–not TV. The year was 1948. It would be 2 years before his show titled, “The Jack Benny Program” would make its way to the screen.

Benny’s wife Mary Livingstone is also featured in the ad which was published in the February 1948 edition of Good Housekeeping. Mary was also a comedian who starred alongside her husband. The ad did triple duty. Advertise RC Cola, advertise Jack Benny’s radio show, and share a quick snack recipe with the readers.

I’m a regular Edison when it comes to snacks – always inventing new ones.

Here’s the “recipe”:

Squeeze cheese around the rim of a cracker, then plunking a bit of jelly in the center. Yipes! It’s good. Try it yourself along with best-tasting Royal Crown Cola.

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