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Special Edition: Schoolboy Prince Charles

The life of a future king from 1956

With the passing of England’s Queen Elizabeth this month, we are featuring a special edition article that comes from 66 years in the past. The article proves that American’s fascination with England’s royalty has existed for quite some time. It is titled, “The Schoolboy Prince of England”. It tells about how the 8 year-old prince Charles would be raised to be England’s next king.

The Schoolboy Prince of England – Margaret Saville – Good Housekeeping August 1956

The article comes from the August 1956 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine. It is scanned for educational and preservation purposes and can be downloaded below.

I personally am not in the royalty fascination camp. I prefer to honor merit instead of blood line. However, I did find the article both interesting and absurd. Here’s an example. According to his father . . .

Prince Charles should be brought up . . . with no more privileges or favor than he himself had.

But goes on to say that . . .

He is driven . . . back and forth in a royal limousine, with his Scotland Yard detective sitting beside the chauffeur.

Long live the king.

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