1958 – Giant Cookies and Thin Kids

6 classic cookie recipes to make for kids

We’ll conclude the September 2022 look at mid-century back to school with a plate of cookies and a mystery. Before we get to the mystery, let’s first look at the September 1958 Better Homes and Gardens article titled, “Half-dozen Easy Kiddie Cookies”.

Half-dozen easy kiddie cookies recipes – Better Homes and Gardens – September 1958

The ad featured 6 cookie recipes that kids are sure to love.

Mother, here are the youngster’s all-time favorites. They’re the not-too-rich kind and are good lunch-box travelers

Chocolate Chippers , Peanut butter Cookies, and Peppermint Sticks – Better Homes and Gardens September 1958
Lemon Drops, Gingersnap Cookies, and Ice Cream – Better Homes and Gardens September 1958
Oatmeal Cookies, Lemonade, and Hard Candies – Better Homes and Gardens September 1958

Throwing a party of your small fry? Serve these simple cookies with hard candies and mugs of cool lemonade.

There is no way that this type of article would be socially acceptable in today’s world. Even if the article was catered to modern men and women who enjoy baking, it is doubtful that anyone would be encouraged to serve their kids giant cookies. Imagine having a little neighborhood after school party in 2022 where kids are served lemonade, hard candy, and cookies? No. Not in a world where feeding children healthy food is encouraged.

So here’s the mystery. Why were kids (and adults) generally thin in the mid-century, and generally not-so-thin in today’s world? I’ll let you decide. All I know is that I am in the mood to make cookies. Here’s the recipes.

Candy Chipper and Lemon Drop cookie recipes
Gingersnaps and Oatmeal Cookie Recipe
Peanut Butter and Sugar Cooky Jumbos

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