1958 – The Hydrox Cookie Celebration

The first chocolate sandwich cookie with a cream center

When 1958 rolled around, the advertising department for Hydrox cookies thought it was time to do a bit of celebrating with a 1/2 page ad. The cookie brand had reached the milestone half century mark. That’s 50 years of selling packaged treats that were perfect for lunch boxes and after school snacks.

After 50 years HYDROX is their first love, ’cause kids haven’t changed and neither has HYDROX.

Hydrox Cookie Ad – Better Homes and Gardens September 1958

You might be thinking that these cookies look a lot like Oreos and assuming that Hydrox is a cheap knock-off. Actually, the opposite is true. Oreos were only 46 years old in 1958, making Hydrox the original yummy cream filled sandwich cookie.

Hydrox Cookie Package from 1958 September 1958 Better Homes and Gardens ad

You might also be wondering the fate of the Hydrox. Are they still around? We’ll get to that after a word from our sponsor.

Yes. They are not easy to find, but you can currently buy Hydrox cookies.

Hydrox Cookie Package – 2022

It turns out that the cookie brand has been tossed from one giant parent company to another throughout the years. It went from its original Sunshine to Keebler to Kellogg’s, but as long as its evil twin Oreo was dominating the market, not much was done with the brand. But sometimes an overlooked but superior brand get a 2nd chance. Hydrox is now the cool independent big brother enjoying life at Leaf Brands who makes the cookie with the original no artificial ingredients.

Hydrox Cookie Ad – Today’s Woman January 1951

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