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1952 – Nabisco

Mid-century advertising from Nabisco.

This kitschy kid is brought to us by Nabisco. Like other companies on this month’s Great American Brands feature, Nabisco relied on women’s magazines to advertise their cereal and cookie products to mid-century moms. Most of their ads showed close-up illustrations of kids. Here are a few.

Boy eating Nabisco Peanut Cream Patties – Good Housekeeping August 1952

Putting Extra Goodness in cookies has made Nabisco cookie-famous for generations. National Biscuit company.

Oreo Cookie Ad – Girl Excited to Eat Cookies – Today’s Woman July 1951
Oreo Cookie Package from 1951 ad
Boy ready to eat Nabisco Fig Newtons – Today’s Woman August 1951

You can’t see the flavor but you know it’s there when you see the red Nabisco seal

Fig Newtons Package from 1951 Ad

Nabisco also used children to advertise their Shredded Wheat cereal. Nabisco’s shredded wheat is now sold by Post Cereal.

Nabisco Shredded Wheat Ad – Today’s Woman August 1951

Nabisco products were also sold for use in recipes. Here they partnered with Jello to use Nabisco Coconut Bars and Jello Pie Fillings to make an ice-box cake.

Ice Box Cookie Cake – Woman’s Day January 1953
Ice Box cookie cake recipe from 1953 ad
Nabisco Cocoanut Bars and Jello Pie Filling Boxes – 1953

They also sold Ritz crackers. Here’s a suggestion for a party tray. Add Nabisco’s Ritz Crackers to a platter of cheese and fruit.

Ritz Cracker Cheese and Cracker Party Tray – Better Living August 1954
Ritz Cracker Party Tray Recipe – 1954

Nabisco began in 1998 as the National Biscuit Company. Ritz crackers, Oreos, Newtons, and Shredded Wheat continue to be sold today. The company is currently owned by R J Reynolds.

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