1963 – Linda Perl for Healthtex

Colorful and whimsical illustration for Health-Tex children's clothing

Someone in the ad department working for Health-tex Children’s clothing had a great idea. Hire a children’s book illustrator to create whimsical ads for the brand. Susan Perl was the artist chosen for the task. Her style was fun and unique and perfect for an attention-getting page in a women’s magazine. This ad was published in the August 1963 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine. Just in time for back-to-school shopping, it spoke of the brand’s quality and wearability.

Health-tex is the most advanced little clothes you can find at prices that can’t be beat.

Health-tex ad copy – Good Housekeeping August 11963

The ad copy references DuPont which made the clothing “machine oriented”. The resulting fiber used in the clothes was a blend of either Orlon acrylic and wool, or Dacron polyester and cotton, which in today’s world means machine washable.

Built to make a picnic of any population explosion, cheers to DuPont research.

Susan Perl Illustration for Health-tex – Good Housekeeping August 1963

Susan Perl was a popular illustrator in the mid-century and beyond. She passed away at the age of 60 in 1983. Here’s a peek at some more of her work.

Too Many Bozos Read-it-yourself book 1960 – Susan Perl Illustration
So that’s how I was born – Susan Perl Illustration 1983
Tell me another Joke – Susan Perl illustration – 1963

And then there’s this gem which she obviously made for adults.

The Sex Lift of the American Female – 1963

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