1964 – Captain Kangaroo Kid’s Puzzle

A page for children in McCalls magazine.

Captain Kangaroo was an early TV star who hosted a children’s show on CBS. As an extension of the TV show, he also created this monthly feature for McCall’s magazine titled, “Captain Kangaroo Play Together Page”.

Captain Kangaroo Play-Together Page

The September 1964 Play-Together Page was titled, “Number 4 goes to School”. It was written in a style that I remember enjoying as a mid-century child where pictures are combined with words to tell a story.

Dear Friend:

Here’s a story about a little friend of ours who is having trouble his first day at school. Perhaps you can help him out. See you here next month and daily on the CBS Television Network.

Number 4 Goes to School – Captain Kangaroo Play Together Page – McCall’s September 1964

Although it mentions that this is a monthly series, this is the only one I found in my incomplete collection of McCalls magazines. I am guessing that the series didn’t begin until the early sixties. The Captain Kangaroo show is the work of Bob Keeshan who started the CBS kids show in 1955. It is said to be one of the longest running TV shows. The show was eventually picked up by PBS and aired through the nineties.

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