1963 – Lee Rider Jeans

Naughty boys and rugged jeans.

This mischievous boy wearing a striped T, rolled up denim, and high-tops comes to us all the way from 1963. His jeans are Lee Riders.

Lee has out-smarted boyhood by making Lee Riders really rugged. That tapered cut prevents baggy knees.

Boy holding turtle – Lee Riders Ad – Good Housekeeping May 1963

A similar ad appeared in the fall as the back-to-school season approached. Here an older boy is wearing the same jeans. This one is sporting a tie, sweater, white socks, and shiny black loafer. How mid-century spiffy is he?

Lee Rider Ad – Good Housekeeping August 1963

A modern-day version of classic rolled up Lee Riders is found on The 2022 men’s (no luck finding a similar look in boys denim) version is styled with boots and no belt. You can see the classic denim selvedge on the rolled up version. The 1963 version is a surged seam. Both versions show off the leather patch that brands it as Lee.

Lee Riders 2022

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  1. That brings back memories.

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