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1951 – Betsy McCall Paper Doll

The Betsy McCall paper doll goes back to school.

Yesterday’s post showed a 1961 McCall’s magazine page featuring a doll named Betsy McCall. Betsy McCall was a monthly feature meant to appeal to young girls and mothers as a way to enjoy something together.

Today’s post shows the McCall’s Betsy McCall page 10 years earlier. In 1951, Betsy McCall was a paper doll. In 1961, she was a 29 inch 3 dimensional doll.

The theme for both pages was “Back to School”.

Betsy McCall Goes to School – McCalls September 1951
Betsy McCall Paper Doll Excerpt – McCall’s September 1951

Of course, in the 21st century there is no need for scissors to play with paper dolls. A graphics program is all ya need. Here’s our friend Betsy wearing her very special school dresses thanks to a little modern-day cutting and pasting.

1951 Betsy McCall wearing her favorite school dresses – 2022 Version

Betsy McCall paper dolls are still of interest to us in 2022. A quick search reveals single pages for sale on Etsy, Amazon, and eBay for a variety of prices.

Betsy McCall Pages for sale – 2022

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