1953 – Recess and Playgrounds

Mid-century playground fun.

The theme for this month on is kids and Back to School. This illustration reminds us of recess. The mid-century playground scene is illustrated by Ray Prohaska. It accompanied a short story titled “Suburban Spring Song” by Gertrude Carrick.

Illustration by Ray Prohaska – Today’s Woman April 1953

Ray Prohaska’s illustration of a mid-century playground shows a lot of activity. Our local community playground always has a lot of activity. However, unlike the dirt floor of a mid-century playground, it has a soft rubber floor that cushions one’s fall. The playgrounds were different 70 years ago, but no matter the era, kids love to swing, teeter, and climb.

Illustration by Ray Prohaska for short story titled Surburban Spring Song by Gertrude Carrick – Today’s Woman April 1953

Most mid-century woman’s magazines had 2 or 3 short stories with illustrations such as this one. It is one of the reasons that I enjoy collecting these old magazines. You never know what wonderful illustrations you will find.

Ray Prohaska was a talented artist, illustrator, and teacher in the mid-century. More information can be found on AskArt.

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