1961 – Betsy McCall Doll

It's the first day of school for Betsy McCall.

Mid-century McCalls magazines had a fun monthly kids feature titled Betsy McCall. In the fifties Betsy McCall was shown as a paper doll. However, in the 1960’s Betsy McCall changed to a 3 dimensional 29 inch doll.

This monthly feature was a fun activity for mother and daughter to read together. For the September 1961 edition of McCalls magazine, the topic was back to school. Here we have a Betsy McCall doll who is reporting on her first day back.

Betsy McCall Excerpt – McCalls September 1961

Well, first we had adding and subtracting. I thought it would be hard, but it was so easy!

Betsy McCall goes back to School – McCalls September 1961

At last, it was bus time, and that was the end of my first day. What was your first day like?

After a quick search, I found this Betsy McCall doll on eBay. It held up great through the years and commands an impressive price. What a doll.

29 inch Betsy McCall Doll for sale – 2022

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