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1951 – No to School, Yes to Marriage at 16

16 year old asks for advice about marriage.

You likely know that the practice of writing to a newspaper or magazine for advice was popular in the mid-century. The March 1951 edition of McCalls magazine had a write-in column where a 16 year-old girl wrote to seek advice about problems she was having with her parents. Her parents wanted her to learn a vocation. She wanted nothing more than to get married.

The bone of contention at our house is me and my future. My parents insist that I prepare for a career. They are practically pushing me into the Teachers College here in town. But I won’t be pushed. I had had my fill of classrooms. The ideal career, I think, is marrying and having a home a raising a family.

It seems so odd to us in 2022 that a young girl would wish to be married with children when her life had just begun at age 16. Thankfully, the corresponding advice suggested that she finish her school and begin some vocational training.

It said,

Every woman should have some way of earning an income even if she can see no need for it.


Besides, your future husband will have a better chance of finding you if you are out in the business world than if you are hiding in the bottom of your hope chest.

Here’s hoping that this anxious young girl made the right decision.

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