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1964 – Shoes and the Crossing Guard

Dressy school shoes for the mid-century boy.

Crossing Guard – Beware the Girl with the Apple – Lazy Bones Shoes – McCalls September 1964

This ad will take you back in time to remember the all important job of a school crossing guard. He was reliable, trustworthy, and best of all, he was well dressed. The one pictured here is wearing an official crossing guard belt, a tie, and a smile. But it is his shoes that are the subject of this September 1964 ad for Lazy Bones shoes.

Lazy Bones Shoes Logo from ad in September 1964 McCalls Magazine.

There were four different shoes referenced in the ad. All are crossing-guard worthy and all are classic mid-century and beyond. No word if he ate the apple from the creepy little girl who appears to be wearing mascara and lipstick.

Lazy Bones Boys Shoes Ad – September 1964 McCalls Magazine

The price of these leather shoes started at $5.50 when the ad appeared in the September 1964 edition of McCalls magazine.

Half Page Lazy Bones Ad – McCalls September 1964

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