1964 – Crest and the Lunchbox

I think this mom may be overthinking it.

Nothing is more 1964 back-to-school iconic than a metal lunch box packed with a sandwich, an apple, hot soup, and hopefully a couple of homemade cookies.

No clue what cool pop-culture picture was printed on the front of the lunchbox. Here are a few 1964 vintage ones that I found after a quick search. The go-go girl one on the bottom is actually from 1966. I had one just like it and I carried it everyday to my 2nd grade classroom with great pride.

Mid-century lunchboxes found online – 2022

This lunch box themed post is brought to us by (you guessed it), Crest toothpaste.

When your youngster has his back-to-school checkup, ask the dentist what he thinks of brushing with Crest after lunch at school.

Here’s hoping that no mom ever did this. No one wants to be the weird kid who brushes his teeth after school lunch.

Crest Ad – Ladies Home Journal – October 1964

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