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1950 – How to buy Children’s Clothing

Mid-century advice for buying children's back-to-school clothing.

Today begins a new theme. For the month of August in honor of the annual back to school season, we will feature kids and school.

Kids clothing in Wool, Cotton, Corduroy, and Plaid – Today’s Woman August 1950

First up is this children’s clothing article from the August 1950 edition of Today’s Woman magazine. With WWII in the rear-view mirror, the future was a blank slate for folks anxious to begin the new decade. There seemed to be an innocence and eagerness in 1950. This was especially true for young couples starting families and for young mothers wanting her children to look their best. This article offered advice for back to school shopping and provided this list of best practices for dressing children. The clothing is different from today, but the advice is timeless.

Select children’s clothing that:

  • Is Sturdy and practical
  • Is Easy to put on and take off
  • Is Comfortable
  • Children like to wear
  • Is like other children’s clothes
Cowboys, Sailors, and Football Players – Kindergarten fashions – Today’s Woman August 1950

The 4 page article showed the latest styles for children. All were made with natural cottons and wools, and most were washable. Some of the wools were said to be non-shrinking. Girls wore only dresses to school during this time. Hers had to be cute as well as practical. The dresses had a preppy vibe thanks to stripes, tartan plaid and peter pan collars. And who could resist a sailor dress?

A Child’s Way of Dressing Article – Today’s Woman August 1950
A child’s way of dressing pages 2-4 – Today’s Woman August 1950
Girls Smock with plaid pockets and plaid trim. August 1950
Young girl ready for school in her jersey knit jumper with matching t-shirt.

One final picture. These outdoor looks are timeless.

College copycats in fleece coats

Double breasted wool coats for boys and girls – August 1950

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