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1948 – Pacific Sheets

Mid-century advertising from Pacific Sheets.

Print advertising is always fascinating to me. How does one take a boring subject like bed sheets and turn it into something interesting? This 1947 ad for Pacific Sheets is why I like to read ads in mid-century women’s magazines.

Gone Gal
Here’s a chick who’s away out of this world-and she’s taken the family funnies with her! And while sis bangs on the door and mom scolds and pop fumes, she lies serene – – – enraptured by the smoothness of Dick Daredevil and of those soothing Pacific Sheets.

Balanced Pacific Sheets Ad – American Home August 1948

Here’s another Pacific Sheets ad from a bit later. It is advertising their Contour line which I am assuming is another name for fitted sheets. Funny to think that fitted sheets were a new concept in 1956 when the ad was published in the August edition of Good Housekeeping magazine.

Pacific Contour Sheets – Good Housekeeping August 1956

Here’s two more that explain the concept of fitted sheets.

Pacific Contour Sheets Today’s Woman November 1952
Pacific Sheets Ad – Today’s Woman February 1953

Here’s a bit of the classic mid-century illustration from the ad.

Mom making bed with child looking on – Today’s Woman February 1953

Gives twice the sleeping comfort – cuts bedmaking time to one-third!

Mid-century woman holding sheets – Today’s Woman February 1953

Pacific sheets was a Pacific Mills product in the mid-century when it was a later a part of Wamsutta mills. It is part of a long history of textile production in Massachusetts starting in he mid 19th century. Wamsutta sheets are currently sold at Bed Bath and Beyond.

More Pacific Sheets on MidCenuryPage.com

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