1959 – Pacific Mills Gone Fishing and Apartment Hunting

A fashionable fisherman in mid-century style and a pleasing repurposed textile plant.

Its June 5th today. Already in our 2022 June tribute to summer, we’ve looked at sunglasses, suntan lotion, beachwear, and weddings. Now its time to look at summer sports. Fishing, to be specific.

I found this ad from the May 1959 edition of Good Housekeeping to be a catch. When I saw this mid-century fashionable fisherman, I was hooked. The look of the model cast to wear a wool suit with matching gloves may be a bit out of line, but I took the bait anyway. Her reel purpose was to sell sheets. Apparently she saved so much money buying Pacific Mills fashion sheets that she was able to buy fishing gear.

I love pretty bed linens . . . love to save money too!

Pacific Mills Fashion Sheets Ad – Good Housekeeping May 1959

I was curious about the fate of the Pacific Mills plant, which was affiliated with Wamsutta Mills. These companies were known for quality sheets and towels made in the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries. Pacific Mills and Wamsutta had big textile plants which gave jobs to thousands in Massachusetts. After a bit of research, I found something beautiful. The giant old buildings have been turned into housing. Both the Pacific Mills and Wamsutta buildings have been preserved and provide living spaces for residents of New Bedford, MA and Lawrence, MA.

Pacific Mills Lofts – Lawrence MA
Wamsutta Lofts – New Bedford MA

More Information

The Lofts at Wamsutta Place – New Bedford, MA

Pacific Mill Lofts – Lawrence MA


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