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1949 – Palmolive

Mid-century advertising from Palmolive

Today we’ll look at Palmolive and its brand of soap. The image you see is from a 1949 ad which appeared in the July edition of McCalls magazine. This post-war ad is presented in a style similar to the pin-up images popular during this time.

Palmolive Bath Soap Ad – McCalls July 1949

For bare-skin beauty Bath Size Palmolive with its famous Beauty Lather!

Besides the pin-up illustration, the ad shows the classic green bar of soap embossed with the brand name. The packaging continued with the same color.

Hand holding bar of Palmolive Bath Soap – Palmolive Logo from 1949 Ad

Here’s an ad from a few years later showing a photo instead of an illustration. However, the love and beauty theme continued. Note the adoring man hidden behind the block of text.

Palmolive makes every bath a beauty bath

Palmolive Bar Soap Ad – Good Housekeeping August 1952
Closeup of the packaging and classic Palmolive bar of soap from 1952 ad

Here’s one more from 1952.

Palmolive 1/2 page ad – Family Circle February 1952

Like other mid-century brands, the ad images changed in the sixties. Love and beauty was now independence and beauty. Here’s an ad from the October 1964 issue of Ladies Home Journal. We see confident women, but no adoring men this time.

Palmolive Soap Ad – Ladies Home Journal October 1964

Palmolive cares for more complexions than any other soap in the world.

Palmolive continental care soap image from 1964 ad

Palmolive is still readily available. Here’s a look at their current packaging. I’m guessing the product hasn’t changed much since it was originally established in 1864 as a soap that combined palm and olive oil. The brand is now mainly known for its dish soap.

Palmolive Bar Soap Packaging 2022

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