1961 – Gerber Baby Food

Mid-century advertising from Gerber.

So far, for the July 2022 mid-century American Brands feature, we have looked at companies from an assortment of categories. Today we look at another food company from the group. This food has a specific target audience that is relevant to the baby boom era. Gerber baby food is a great American brand that began in 1927 by the Gerber family. Gerber advertising was frequently seen in mid-century magazines during the baby boom years of 1946 to 1964. This image of a baby sitting in a classic baby carriage appeared in the May 1961 edition of McCalls magazine. Each Gerber ad seemed to have a photo of an adorable baby and some advice from one of the Gerber parents under the title of “Bringing Up Baby”.

Gerber Baby Foods – Classic Baby Carriage – McCalls May 1961

Here the advice is from Mrs Gerber. Her advice? Use a baby carriage indoors to free your hands.

Swell for parking baby when you’re a bustle with chores. And you can wheel it from room to room so baby can be near you.

Gerber packaging from 1961 ad
Gerber Baby Foods Ad – Family Circle Feb 1952

This ad published 9 years earlier shows the “Bringing Up Baby” advice in the left column . It is presented to look like a magazine article that is separate from the actual ad. Note that it is written by “Mrs. Dan Gerber”, a title that sickens our 21st century sensitivities.

Gerber Logo from 1952 ad

Note the title here is “Gerber’s” instead of “Gerber” as shown in the 1961 ad.

Gerber Baby Food Ad – Ladies Home Companion May 1946

This ad from 1946 appears to pre-date the “Bring Up Baby” advice. It does, however include a cute baby and the opportunity to send for free samples.

Gerber’s Baby Food Logo – 1946

Gerber baby food is now part of the Nestle family. The brand now also includes life insurance.

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