1964 – Ford

1964 Mustang advertising from Ford

You likely know that it was Henry Ford and his inexpensive mass produced Model T that allowed regular people to own a car early in the 20th century. As time moved on, the more cars sold, the more the world was changed. By the post-war mid-century, Ford and its competitors had made the American auto-industry into a giant success. As big players, go, Ford was one of the biggest. As classics go, the Ford Mustang is one of the most popular. So for today’s look at Great American brands, we will look at Ford Motors, the Mustang, and the year 1964.

Ford Mustang Ad – Ladies Home Journal – September 1964

The Ford Mustang was a departure from the typical big and beautiful fifties car. Here is a posting showing a Ford ad from 1950 where a typical fifties car is shown.

The Mustang entered 1964 with a bang. It was not only considered cool, but elegant and fashionable. Check out the high fashion model sitting on the hood of a Mustang below. This wasn’t an ad, but a fashion editorial from the May 1964 edition of Vogue magazine.

Get off my Mustang – Vogue May 1964
Beauty Bulletin – Ford Mustang – Vogue Magazine May 1964

Here’s an ad from the same Vogue issue. It caters to the wannabe elegant, but practicable crowd. They advertise the low price of $2368.

Glam Couple by Ford Mustang Vogue May 1964
Ford Mustang Ad – May 1964
Ford Mustang convertible – Vogue Magazine May 1964
Excerpt from Ford Mustang Ad showing starting price of $2368

Ford marketing worked overtime as they presented their new car. I wouldn’t mind having one of these collectibles. Send us a buck and we’ll send you a scale model. But hurry. Offer ends July 31st.

Ladies Home Journal October 1964

Here’s one more ad from later in the year. This one features the 1965 models of the Galaxie, the Mustang, and the Thunderbird.

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